Internet Explorer No Longer Supported on the Patient Portal

Updated: Discontinue Patient Portal Support for Internet Explorer

Summary The athenahealth Patient Portal is ending support for Internet Explorer. Patients will no longer be allowed to access the Patient Portal using IE and must download a supported browser.

athenaCollector and athenaCommunicator

Roles Management/Technical, Patient
Available November 13-15, 2019
Highlights If your patients are currently using Internet Explorer as their default browser, they’ll need to download a supported browser at one of the following links:


Why is this happening?

Approximately 3% of all patients use an Internet Explorer 11 browser to access our Patient Portal. Internet Explorer does not support modern web standards and can expose its users to security threats. Microsoft ended support for IE 11 in January 2016, and now views it as a compatibility solution, recommending Edge as the default Microsoft browser. We want our athenahealth Patient Portal to work as well as it possibly can, and Internet Explorer is not compatible with these improvements.

How will this affect patients?

Patients that attempt to use Internet Explorer to access the Patient Portal receive a message with links to download a supported browser: