Tips for Managing Anxiety and Depression

 Throughout life, we all experience some sort of anxiety and depression. However people often wonder what is the difference between the two, and how do they often mix together. Though both have similar traits, they can be very different as well.
    Anxiety is considered to be a persistent worry/ fear of everyday life. For example, going to work with a presentation, having a huge test at school, or just fear of something bad happening to you or someone close to you. It can cause your body to feel like it’s heavy. Some symptoms of anxiety include nausea, fatigue, insomnia, worry, fear, and heart palpitations.
    Depression is a mood disorder that can cause a person to have a lack of interest in everyday life. When people have depression, they feel sad, or like they have let people down. This can cause a significant impairment for everyday life. Signs of depression include anxiety, unwanted thoughts, crying, mood swings, and agitation. There are also different types of depression including postpartum, manic/bi polar depression, major depression, and situational.
     Let’s admit, life can be tough, however there are ways to mange both anxiety and depression. Learning a few of these few quick easy tips can help change your mood, and possibly your outlook in life.
    Tip 1: Count to 10, counting can give you the time to stop and think about what your’re going to do or say. It can also relieve some stress to get into a happy place for just a few seconds. Take time for yourself.
      Tip 2:  Deep breaths, taking a few deep breaths help with oxygen flow to the brain, and also helps relieve the mood you are in.
      Tip 3: Seek help, talking to friends or  talking to your doctor can help steer you on the path of recovery, weather it’s medication, or changing things in daily life, there is help.
      Tip 4: Love yourself first, loving yourself promotes positive energy and love with appreciation for yourself. Knowing that you are unique, and there is only one you always brings happiness in ones life.